Plastic Molds Used for Producing Concrete Spacers

Plastic molds made of PP plastic for casting concrete spacers, which have the cube shaped. Depending on mold design, the concrete spacers have the different heights.

Concrete spacer mold made the concrete block, there are two plane and four sides and both have grooves. Each spacer has many specifications (20mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm…), and each center of concrete block can be put in wire.

Concrete spacers are used to secure the reinforcement steel rebar in concrete structures as the rebar is assembled in place prior to the final pour. Adequate cover is essential to prevent corrosive agents from reaching the reinforcement steel through cracks and pervious concrete. The spacers are left in place for the pour to keep the reinforcing in place, and becomes a permanent part of the structure. Concrete spacers have the advantage of the same raw material which will improve the watertightness and strength of the concrete.


The advantage of multiple concrete spacers
We are specializes in designing and manufacturing high technical, and precision concrete mold.
Following is the benefits of using our mold to produce concrete spacers
1. Maintenance Structural Durability
2. Sustain external force
3. Having a certain insulation effect
4. This kind of cover blocks have different heights of the groove, and play an important role in thickness of reinforcement protection layer.