Solution of Concrete spacer 60mm & 75mm in civil construction

With the construction of finished floor panels 100mm – 110mm-120mm, people often use granite stone to insert the bottom, and break down the steel to insert between lower and upper.

Currently, NLSG Company uses a concrete spacer 15/20 mm to insert at bottom and a concrete spacer 60mm or 75mm to insert at the above steel frame to:

  • Ensure the structural design of the steel frame
  • Dimension and quality are stable
  • Limit the phenomenon of “steel fire”, “steel hammock” in construction.

Let’s take a look at some pictures at the construction works:

nlsg-cuc-ke-be-tong nlsg-cuc-ke-be-tong-2 nlsg-cuc-ke-be-tong-3

Product characteristics: 

  • Fabricate with various height based on demand
  • Ensure the structural design of the steel frame
  • High compression strength
  •  Dimension and quality are stable
  • Prevent reinforcement steel from corrosion
  • Slow the melting of steel when burnt
  • Restrictions floor cracking, sagging floors
  • Increased waterproofing because homogeneous substance raw concrete floors.

Ngoc Lam Sai Gon Concrete Spacers

  • Support for horizontal and vertical structural elements
  • Available for Concrete spacers without wire and galvanized wire
  • Suitable for fair faced and aesthetic concrete
  • Suitable for high load distribution
  • Available covers from 15 mm to 90 mm
  • Available in various cut widths