Ngoc Lam Sai Gon Concrete spacers – Development for your requirements

Based on our experiences, we’ll be glad to develop solutions to suit your particular problem.

NLSG Concrete Spacers are used to ensure that the specified cover to the reinforcement in concrete structures and structural elements is maintained both before and during concreting.

NLSG Concrete spacers can use for both surfaces with flat support or arched support.

Spacers with flat support surface


Spacers with arched support surface


 Ngoc Lam Sai Gon Concrete Spacers:

  • Support for horizontal and vertical structural element
  • Available for Concrete spacers without wire and galvanized wire
  • Suitable for fair faced and aesthetic concrete
  • Suitable for high load distribution
  • Available covers from 15 mm to 90 mm
  • Available in various cut widths

 Product characteristics:

  • Fabricate with various height based on demand
  • Ensure the structural design of the steel frame
  • High compressive strength
  • Dimension and quality are stable
  • Prevent reinforcement steel from corrosion
  • Slow the melting of steel when burnt
  • Restrictions floor cracking, sagging floors
  • Increased waterproofing because homogeneous substance raw concrete floors.